This quick video tutorial shows how to use the feature slider plugin that’s available to premium members.

FlexSqueeze makes creating a custom site very simple, but there are many other design modifications that can be made by using some custom CSS code. FlexSqueeze also makes adding custom CSS simple by including a theme options tab where you can add your code without having to modify any of the theme files.

This tutorial shows you some theme modifications like selectively adding rounded corners, adding gradient fades to sidebar boxes, post boxes and feature areas, and using lighter and darker background gradients on your site.

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Font Replacement

Tired of seeing the same fonts over and over? You can use virtually any font with FlexSqueeze theme and have it display the same in any javascript-enabled browser. This tutorial shows you how to use font replacement on your site using a simple WordPress plugin, and it provides you with the four custom fonts shown in the screenshots above.

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If you have a site that just uses the FlexSqueeze sales page templates (a mini-site rather than using any theme pages), when a user browses to a non-existent page they’ll see the theme 404 error page instead of a sales page formatted page. This tutorial shows you how to create a 404 error page that looks like your other sales pages, and redirect users to that page.

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This tutorial shows you how to create and install a custom non-repeating background image behind the top portion of your site. I’ll show you a useful free stock image site where you can download images, show you how to create the background in Photoshop, how to import into WordPress and set your FlexSqueeze settings to use the image.

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