FlexSqueeze 1.5 is now available for download and it’s an exciting new release. What was intended to be a fairly minor update morphed into a pretty extensive update thanks to all the input and suggestions provided by theme users. Keep reading…

FlexSqueeze 1.4.0 was released to all users 10/21/2010. It has some major enhancements over version 1.3.0 including:

  • Full-width header and navigation – Easily create a full-width header and/or navigation bar. New full-width header background images are included!
  • New color schemes and theme designs – FlexSqueeze 1.4 has 15 color schemes and 8 design pre-sets included the redesigned Quick Changes tab. You may never even need to use the other theme options!
  • New AdSense/banner location – You can now position an AdSense block or banner ad in the top left sidebar location.
  • Transparent feature/content/footer – Remove the background from the feature area, the content background or the footer.
  • Full border and rounded corner control – 1.4 gives you total control over your site’s borders and adds new CSS rounded corners.
  • Full header widget control – FlexSqueeze 1.3 introduced a header widget location and 1.4 now allows you to position it anywhere you wish and control all font properties.
  • New bottom sidebar widget – You can now create widget boxes just like the top sidebars but they show up below your sub-sidebars. You can position them in either the left or right sidebar.
  • CSS column and drop cap shortcodes – Easily create columns or drop caps in your posts or pages using the new shortcodes in FlexSqueeze 1.4.
  • Post excerpt support – You can now choose to use post excerpts on your posts page, archives, categories and tags pages. Even set the length of the excerpt and the ‘read more’ text!
  • Remove post date/time but retain comments and vice versa– FlexSqueeze 1.3 allowed you to turn off the date, time and comments with one option. The new version gives you independent controls for disabling date/time and comments.
  • Add custom header, full-width header and background images – You can now upload custom images into the backgrounds, headers, and fwheader folders (within the images folder) and have them show in the drop-down menus in the theme options.
  • Navigation below feature area – You can now position your navigation below the feature area.
  • Post/sidebar padding option – Put some space between your page elements with the new post/sidebar padding option.
  • Remove archive/category page titles – You can now remove the page title from archives and categories pages within the theme options.
  • Customize the ‘Read more’ text – Use custom ‘read more’ text even when using the new excerpt option.
  • Remove sidebar widget title background image – You can now remove the background image from sidebar widget titles.
  • New header backgrounds – Some of the old header images have been removed and replaced with new header images.

That’s most of the larger additions to 1.4.0 and there are some other smaller minor code changes as well. Upgrading to 1.4.0 is very simple, just install along side any prior version, activate the theme, and then immediately go into the theme options and click a ‘Save changes’ button.

If you made any changes to prior theme files such as feature.php, you will need to manually transfer them over to 1.4. That’s why I recommend using widgets whenever possible.