If you’re looking for a FlexSqueeze discount, you’ll find a lot of sites that give you bogus discount coupon codes or make you click their affiliate link to get a non-existent discount code.

I will FLAT OUT tell you there are NO discount codes available for FlexSqueeze theme.

If you come across a site that’s advertising an “exclusive discount” or one that’s giving you a rebate to purchase the theme, please contact me and let me know. Those sites are violating my affiliate agreement and I will terminate their account immediately.

If you clicked through someone’s link looking for a FlexSqueeze discount and it didn’t work, clear your browser cookies before purchasing FlexSqueeze.  This ensures that person does not get paid for tricking you to click their link or stuffing their cookie on their site.

I’m all for affiliates earning a living online, but when it comes to tricking users into clicking links or stuffing affiliate cookies, I don’t tolerate it.

If you read a FlexSqueeze review and clicked into my site, then by all means give that person credit. The point of this page is to prevent some of my affiliates (many of whom already have been shut down) from profiting from fraudulent affiliate practices.

Thanks, and have a GREAT day!