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Responsive on All Devices

FlexSqueeze 2 automatically adapts to different devices including phones, tablets and desktops. Control how your site reacts to different devices with comprehensive options.

Responsive WordPress Theme

Get a Jump Start with QuickSets

Use one-click QuickSets to instantly configure your entire site with a new, fresh look. Specific areas such as navigation, layout and color scheme have their own specific QuickSets as well.

Advanced Color Selection and Palettes

Build your perfect color palette by adding up to ten custom colors that are accessible on every color selection option. Choose individual colors from thousands of pre-built color schemes. Easily apply background transparency to many theme option colors.


Get Creative with Typography

Easily choose from over 600 Google Fonts to spice up your site’s typography. Control white space and font size throughout the theme for optimum readability. Even use ultra light and extra bold Google Font weights.


Visual Editor Enhancements

FlexSqueeze adds new buttons to the visual editor in WordPress to enable easy insertion of elements like buttons, styled lists, font styles, arrows, columns and more.


Easily Clone Sites and Save Backups

Import and export settings from one site to another to exactly duplicate site appearance. Revert back to the previous save by clicking the Undo button or save theme “snapshots” for easy retrieval.


New FlexBlocks for Building Custom Pages

FlexBlocks allow you to easily build custom pages, just like the one you’re reading now. Simply “stack” blocks of different colors and effects and begin adding content.


Extend FlexSqueeze with Plugins

Almost every aspect of FlexSqueeze 2 can be extended with plugins. Want more background image choices? Grab a plugin! Need some icons? Grab a plugin! Add some sweet buttons? Grab a plugin! Premium members enjoy free access to our ever-growing selection of add-ons and plugins.


Additional Standard Features



  • Intuitive Interface – Setting theme options has never been easier. Options are fully commented with full video tutorials throughout the theme.
  • Fully Custom Menus – FlexSqueeze has menu design capabilities that give you endless possibilities for site navigation.
  • Mobile-only Menu – Create completely different site navigation for mobile devices.
  • Build an Online Store – FlexSqueeze is WooCommerce compatible so you can easily incorporate full online store capabilities.
  • Custom CSS Code – Easily add your own custom CSS code and use the included CSS helper to aid in developing CSS selectors.
  • Built-in Ad Placement – Use the integrated ad locations to add Google AdSense or any other affiliate ads to your site.
  • Add Sliders and Featured Content – The top feature area allows you to easily add an image or content slider. Even span slider content the full browser width.
  • Sticky Menu – In a single click make your menu stay fixed at the top of the browser as a user scrolls down.
  • 12 Widget Locations – Easily add widgets to the header, footer, sidebars, feature areas, top and bottom of posts, and even show entirely separate widgets on mobile devices!
  • 28 Page Templates – Remove or add sidebars on specific pages, remove page titles, create sales or e-mail capture pages, paste in entire HTML documents and more using custom page templates.
  • Easily Remove all Blog Function – In one click, create a static website without any blog functions. Great for business or personal websites.
  • Background Opacity Controls – Many color options include the ability to use semi-transparent backgrounds for additional design effects.
  • Advanced Content Controls – Easily show excerpts, thumbnail images, slideshows, social share icons and more.
  • Mobile-specific Options – Control exactly how your site behaves as the viewport shrinks on tablets and mobile devices. Set trigger points for header and sidebar behaviors and even prevent sections from showing on mobile devices.
  • Use Your Own Images – Use any of your own custom images in many theme areas such as the header, logo, feature areas and footer.
  • CSS Effects – Add any radius of rounded corners and any color and strength of drop shadow effect to elements of your choosing.
  • Loads of Images – 150 list bullet styles, 61 site backgrounds, 80 header backgrounds, 51 menu backgrounds, 45 search box styles, 743 custom favicons, 34 page content dividers, 94 buttons, 27 background shading effects, and a lot more. And that doesn’t include the thousands more images available in plugins!
  • Unlimited Possibilities – Background images are transparent, so the background colors show through. This means each of the background images listed above has another 16.7 million possible looks just by changing the background color!

Don’t Know <Code> or Color? No Problem!

FlexSqueeze was created from a designer’s perspective, so site customization is as easy as possible.

Do you get nervous editing PHP code or wish you had a better eye for color?

FlexSqueeze makes it easy to tweak your site exactly how you want it by keeping the hands-on code manipulation to a minimum. Color scheme QuickSets can help you pick the perfect color scheme for your site.

Over Five Years of User Input Bundled into
One Powerful Theme

Created for Affiliate Marketing

FlexSqueeze was one of the first WordPress themes for affiliate marketers, spawning from the original Flexibility Theme.

Can it do that? Make it so!

Thousands of users have provided insightful input on new features and we tried to make most of them happen.

Evolution and Inspiration

More graphics, more features, more everything! FlexSqueeze 2 makes it effortless to look like Picasso.

WordPress Beginners Welcome

Many of our customers are brand new to WordPress and find the visual design process to be exactly what they need.

Create Any Kind of Website

WordPress is more than a blogging platform with FlexSqueeze 2 installed. It’s a complete web design arsenal.

Build Your Own Web Design Business

The developer license gives you the freedom to leverage the power of FlexSqueeze 2 for clients.

What makes FlexSqueeze 2 Different from Other Themes?

We know you can find cheaper themes out there. Heck, there are thousands of absolutely free themes! But have you ever tried to customize one of them? That takes considerable knowledge of HTML, CSS and possibly even PHP. FlexSqueeze doesn’t make you go there.

Stop wasting money on themes that don’t allow you to express your creativity, and give FlexSqueeze a test drive. You’ll find the limitless design options to be a refreshing twist on WordPress site development. Here are some additional benefits you may enjoy:

  • Some themes are a set color scheme or give you a handful of specific colors to choose from. FlexSqueeze lets you set EVERY color to ANY possible color combination.
  • FlexSqueeze gives you TOTAL control over sidebar configuration and widths: left sidebar, right sidebar or both and even change the configuration on individual pages using the built-in page templates.
  • Use ANY Google font in your theme, not just a few set by the theme developer. Easily browse through all the fonts, view live previews, and even filter the fonts by popularity or font style.
  • If you like your site design, simply export the theme options into a new site to get an exact duplicate. This is a huge time saver if you plan on developing more than one site.
  • FlexSqueeze is designed for ease-of-use, so there is very little use of shortcodes and no complicated “hooks” or PHP coding required.
  • Almost all of the visual editor elements are completely visual, which means what you see is what you get. Even the editor width adjusts to the actual page content width, so you can better visualize your page as your create it.
  • If you are a beginner to WordPress or to website design in general, FlexSqueeze is a great theme for you. It handles all the HTML and CSS, so you can concentrate on design and content.
  • QuickSets make it easy to completely customize your site in just a few clicks without even having to change individual options. As you learn the theme and discover how powerful it is, the sky is the limit on the designs you can create!
  • FlexSqueeze is like a billion themes wrapped up in a nice little package! No more struggling with code or difficult theme customizations.
  • We think you’ll quickly discover that FlexSqueeze is the last theme you’ll ever need.


That’s me, developer, designer, idea guy and support staff all rolled into one. With my creative group of theme testers, we work hard to develop a great theme that I think you’ll really enjoy.

One-on-one support is just a click away, so you can buy with confidence that you’ll have answers to any questions you may have. There are so many products out there with little to no support, that I make customer satisfaction my top priority.

I personally guarantee that FlexSqueeze is the most flexible, customizable, and slightly addictive theme you’ve ever used!


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