Since releasing FlexSqueeze, I have received a lot of emails and forum posts from users who have graciously expressed their appreciation for creating the theme. These are actual comments from actual users and were not solicited for the purpose of posting them here.


I can’t believe how fun it is to work on my site because of this theme! I am a newbie (which you probably already knew), yet was able to figure out most of it and now have site that I like much better than before. Your instructions are also clear and understandable( for newbies), and I would certainly recommend flexsqueeze (along with premium membership) to everyone, especially for the technologically challenged!

Your prompt and pleasant responses to my installation issues greatly helped!

Mai Nguyen


Last December we had a big snow storm which closed us in the house for five days. With a lot of time on my hands I decided I was going to teach myself how to build websites. I had no experience – I mead nada, zilch, zip. I had heard about Word Press so I did a Google and watched a few videos on YouTube. Soon I had my domain and Word Press installed, but it was a lot harder than I thought. I didn’t know a theme from a widget.

Fortunately I ran across Flexsqueeze and it was as if the heavens opened up and the Web design God’s smiled on me. Now I am not the kind of guy who gives glowing reports easy-in fact, I am a product hard ass. I have been in sales and marketing a long time and have wasted my share of money on products from “guru’s” who promise the moon and deliver crap, so when I say I am happy, it means something. Well, I am HAPPY! Flexsqueeze rocks!!!

Almost overnight I was creating websites which give me a great look and what I have always wanted – the ability to create changes on the fly. I want something up and a few minutes later it is up and I never have to deal with another overpriced web designer who treats me like I am lower than dirt and gets my changes up when they want to. If you have ever used a computer person or over paid a web designer, you know what I mean.

But better than the program itself is the person behind the program, Ryan G
– my man, my mentor, my personal fishing guide. This guy is real. I jumped right in and went with the premium subscription – I mean what the hell, if it was as easy as it seemed, $174 bucks was worth the risk. IT WAS! Today I have 6 awesome websites which I run and operate and would rival any sites on the internet. Heck, talk about ROI, I have paid web designers ten times that for one site, got treated like dirt, had to wait, could not make changes and was never really happy – my sites thanks to Ryan and Flexsqueeze blow theirs away. But that’s really the small end of what I got with Flexsqueeze….

The big part was I got Ryan backing me up and answering my stupid little questions. In the beginning he would do something for me, then he moved to telling me what to do and doing it for me and now he make me think for myself. I still ask questions but now he just points me in the directions and I do it – he taught me to fish. But this guy keeps giving, always new themes, new plugins and new cool stuff to make my sites better.

Ryan and Flexsqueeze have transformed my life and my business and have saved me thousands of dollars – yeah, thousands. If you’re tired of bulls*&T promises and empty results, give Flexsqueeze a shot, you won’t be sorry. By the way, my sites are finally making me money! Thanks Ryan.

Dr. Steve Cagen


I wanted to tell you how great I think FlexSqueeze theme is and how I love working with it.

I have used Thesis, several themes from iThemes and Elegant Themes and they all pale compared to Flexsqueeze. You have built in so much versatility and flexibility that it is very easy to create a unique look and style to meet any need or request.

FlexSqueeze is really quite remarkable and unique in the WordPress universe. I have spent days in trying to do make design and layout changes in other themes that I can do in minutes with Flexsqueeze. This was truly the best purchase I have ever made in WordPress themes and your support with the very affordable Professional Membership is just wonderful. Thanks.

Charles Ormsbee


I have a number of websites in my online business, and I run many of them on wordpress. I have looked and looked for a premium theme that is easy to handle, not too complex to make changes to and which has great support.

I was always disappointed until I found Flexsqueeze.

I have tried most of the premium themes and found most of them way too complex for my needs. I am a marketer more than a blogger so I need something that can be up and running now, not in a week, not in a month after I learn how to be an expert in CSS, I need it today and Flexsqueeze always delivers.

And if you are looking for a theme that has incredible support, then you can stop your searching right now, becasue this is the theme you have been looking for.

I recommend Flexsqueeze absolutely as the easiest to manage premium WP theme on the market.

Michael Z


I’m having a blast with your software! This is the farthest I’ve been able to get building a web site thanks to your brilliant FlexSqueeze technology!

Lane David, UT


I wanted to say that I am extremely impressed with your total package and the professionalism with which you present everything.

I’m sure you know how damn rare it is to find both those assets from a single provider when looking for WP templates. I’m about to launch my first real offer and I’ve used Flexsqueeze for every piece of it. Glad I found you.

Thanks for everything!

T. Lange


FlexSqueeze is truly a couple steps above your competition. I’ve used a number of different themes and yours blows the competition away. One of the things that really sets this theme apart from anyone else is the extra code, and the instructional. I was able to make a few changes within about an hour that I could not have done in a week using another theme. The extra code along with the appearance really makes a difference. I’m a fan if you couldn’t already tell. Thanks again.



First off, I just want to give a BIG Shout Out to Ryan himself for being one of the coolest web developers I know. He has helped me out too many times to mention and saved me countless hours of frustration! So, in saying that…his customer service STRAIGHT ROCKS!

His product FLEXSQUEEZE is hands down the best online marketing tool that I have invested in. I have the Developer Version. You can create a number of great looking sites in no time at all. Some of his new features blew my socks off. I was just wondering how I could make something happen; the next thing I know I’m getting an email update saying it’s a new feature in FLEXSQUEEZE…AWESOME!!

The Premium Membership is well worth the price and Ryan totally over delivers! If you have FLEXSQUEEZE and you’re not a Premium Member, then you are completely missing out. From graphics, to pre-written code, to video opt-ins…Ryan and his products are Top Notch and Customer Service is among the best in the business.

If you think this sounds like I’m trying to hype Ryan and his products up, I don’t have to. His products and services are just that GOOD! I don’t know Ryan other than through support tickets and emails, but if you do business with Ryan Grabenstein, he will not disappoint.

To put it simply, Ryan you ROCK, FLEXSQUEEZE ROCKS, and your Premium Membership ROCKS!

Keep doing what you’re doing! Keep on, Keepin’ On!

Freakin’ Fantastic!

Dan Howard


Thank you for the Fantastic Product (it’s more than a theme). I will be using it for most of my sites in the future. Having struggled along with other “sales” designed themes, trying to squeeze a little more functionality into a site, Your new Flexsqueeze 1.2 takes the prize. Really. I’m actually excited about building sites again. And the Premium Upgrade is an absolute “No Brainer”. Best money invested in a loooong time.

Thanks again,


First I want to say what an outstanding product FlexSqueeze is. I’ve had a chance to work with the theme for a few weeks now and really love it.

– Elise


I love flexsqueeze more and more, first when the new theme and csv didn’t give me what I wanted and then all problem manually set it back. Then now I realize that the csv function gives a lot of fun possibilities to quickly change between different settings, I just didn’t understand how to use it before. The reset worked great also, and I can manually change the csv and then import again  😉

– Lars


I absolutely love your theme – I’m new at this but I can see myself using your theme over and over again

– Julie


I love FlexSqueeze. It lets you set up a site fast without too many configurations. The auto theme color changer for the entire site is genius. It basically gives you unlimited themes of different color schemes. I also like it that I do not need to bother with making headers.

FlexSqueeze default header is already nice enough with just the site name. I own many other premium themes… Thesis, Headway, Revolution, Semiologic and too many others. But FlexSqueeze is my choice for most of my sites now, especially affiliate sites. Many of the other themes boast of various features. They have their own strengths. But if simplicity is genius, these premium themes are daft in the design department.

To make a decent looking site, I will need to edit this, edit that, scratch my head, pull my hair and still don’t have a presentable site. I am not a newbie. I am ok with changing css, using custom files, adding hooks. But these activities do not make me money. I can better use the time elsewhere. With FlexSqueeze, it’s activate the theme and…. Blam, your presentable site is done. If I want to make the site look different, I can easily change the color theme and FlexSqueeze will automatically choose a matching set of colors for th entire site. It’s genius.

I hope FlexSqueeze continue it’s development and stay close to it’s strength.  This is a strength is that totally unmatched by other themes. If there is another theme that is similar. All I can say is the other theme is very good.

– Success (forum nickname)


The flexsqueeze theme is totally amazing. We will be using it on a new membership website with the wishlist member plugin.

Before that we had the Revolution Theme installed but yours seriously blows it out of the water.  It is a rare thing these days to buy stuff that lives up to the sales copy but yours has exceeded it.

I have been full-time online for 10 years now and will be telling my list and clients to check out your stuff.

Best Regards

Chris Bloor


I gave a shot to your Squeeze Page Vector PNG Pack.

That’s an ABSOLUTE BLISS!!!!
THANKS so much for this kit!

Everything is editable, including text!


(Going to buy your Flexibility Theme @ 130$ right now too!)

– Bruno


I absolutely LOVE working with FlexSqueeze and am building ALL my  sites with it.

– John


Wow, I love your Theme! It is so easy to work with and your tutorials were very helpful.

– Chuck


Honestly, I found FlexSqueeze to be very versatile and I’m getting more creative with it each time I design a new one-  but it sounds like you are really taking it to the next level with this new one.  Great stuff – I can’t wait to try it!

– Sean Lowery –


Ok  Ryan – I owe you a beer.  I had “show header” turned off.  Incredibly embarrassing, esp. for me!!! J  Please forgive my apparent lack of attention to obvious details and know that I’m very happy to be a customer of your – your product rocks!!!

– Brooks


I first want to thank you for designing such an outrageous theme with so many options. It is a pleasure to be able to create a nice, simple, and effective blog design layout without having to know HTML.

– Todd


Thanks so much for getting back to me ASAP.  very unusual and professional as 90% of the vendors/developers of the WP themes are impossible to get a response from.

– Kevin C.


I have been working  a bit now with your program.

Congratulations. It is fantastic and it is very clear. Of course, in the beginning it is a bit finding your way, but once you are got through that, it is very clear.

Excellent work!

– Elie R.


I have played around with your theme already and my hats off to you… its really an awesome theme and easy to customize the general layout to make really good looking blog pages !! Good job Ryan, as I know/can see that you have put alot of work into it.

Thanks again for your reply/assistance.

– Claus


Hey Ryan,

Just wanted to say thank you for all your help.. your program is the best item i have ever used. I been using wpsqueeze generator and a few others and must say yours is by far the very best! Once I learned how to do stuff with it I was amazed at how nice things turned out.

O well just thought I would let anyone who reads this know this product works and is the first and only one you need!

Thanks again Ryan YOU ROCK MAN!

– Wes H.

P.S Im an affiliate now with this product! lol..