FlexSqueeze 1.5 is now available for download and it’s an exciting new release. What was intended to be a fairly minor update morphed into a pretty extensive update thanks to all the input and suggestions provided by theme users.

If you’re a registered user, click here to login and download the update.

Otherwise, click here to purchase FlexSqueeze or a premium membership.

Here’s a list of the major additions to 1.5:

  • Facebook iframe reveal feature – This allows you to show users teaser content to encourage them to like your page, then reveal the real content after they click ‘Like’. Build your pages in FlexSqueeze and use them in your Facebook app.
  • Two new widget locations – one at the top of posts/pages and one at the bottom.
  • CSS map included to make it easier to create your own custom CSS styles
  • One-click insertion of buttons, content boxes, arrows, page dividers, badge graphics, page dividers, formatted lists, opt-in forms, banners, columns, star ratings tables, formatted type and complete sales page content from the WYSIWYG editor toolbar. Everything displays visually in the editor immediately after you insert it.
  • WP multisite compatible – Install the theme once and use it on multiple sub-domains or sub-folders.  Completely separate options for each site.  This is still in testing, so if you own FlexSqueeze and want to test it on a multisite installation, contact me.
  • Secondary navigation menu – Add a second menu using the custom menu editor.  Simply create your custom menu and assign it to the secondary location.  The secondary menu has a complete set of customization options separate from the primary menu, so you can create a completely different looking menu.  You can also move the primary and secondary menus into any of the three locations (above header, below header, below feature) and also put them both in the same location and they will stack.  Secondary menu supports full drop-down menus.
  • Post thumbnails – Use post thumbnails (featured images) on your home page and category/archive pages.  Theme options control thumbnail size, border width and border color.
  • Social media icons and buybutton shortcodes can now open in a new window.
  • Full-width footer and custom background images
  • New sales page templates
  • New Facebook iframe template
  • New page templates – You can now use different sidebar configurations on any page.
  • Comments on sales pages
  • Show the top feature area only on specific pages chosen from a list of all pages
  • New blockquote graphics
  • Separate controls for post, top sidebar, sub-sidebar and comment fonts.
  • Specify H1-H4 tag font properties for posts/pages
  • Noindex/nofollow all pages by setting one option
  • Footer feature area can now have a different background color than the footer.
  • Control footer feature font properties independent of footer font properties.
  • Custom favicons added to sales page templates
  • Custom CSS added to sales pages
  • CSS classes added to widgets for added styling control
  • Control menu drop-down fonts separate from main level menu fonts
  • Can now set search box text color and there are about 10 new search box graphics

The new version is a highly recommended update and please provide any feedback via the contact form in the main menu.